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 From where do cards receive the information?

 Frequently the people who have interested in the Tarot and clients are preoccupied with such question: from where do Tarot cards receive information? Do the mood of the fortune-teller or client, the day of the lunar month influences the quality of information? Must the online fortune-telling be taken seriously?

 The system, created by the French physician and occultist Papis asserts, that the Tarot cards receive information from the original data basis, where ir kept all information about our past, present, and possible future versions. In esoteric books this data basis is denoted with the hindu term "Akasha`s Chronicles". These chronicles include all mankind's experience and the history of the genesis of the Universe, as well as eternal truths, which exist outside of time and space. It is possible to connect up with "Akasha`s Chronicles" ( or, simply speaking, to the information flow) in the process of clairvoyance (hearing, seeing), in the astral trip (leaving the physical body) or in the process of fortune-telling, for example, with the Tarot. How does it happen, judging by sensations? When the fortune-teller formulates a question and shuffles pack of cards, she or he is entering in the transformed state of consciousness. Usually the client is dragged in this state, too. It is very pleasant, warm and quiet condition, from which nobody wants go out. Then the cards are laid out on the table in the particular spread. Then the card layer already is being in the information stream, and therefore knows before what cards will appear in the spread. Good perceptivity and trust in cards is quite enaugh for that, because their connect person with information flow. Sometimes during the fortune-telling a very strong tendency appears to say something, what is not in the card spread at all. If it is not possible to pass it over in silence, it means information comes from the flow of information, but it had not find the place in the cards spread (or it had appeared there, but the card layer did not take notice of it). Mostly in the cases, when it is not characteristic of fortune-teller to replenish received information (further developing of it), this material is precise.

 Now back to the question – can external circumstances affect card reading process? It is believed, that days of lunar and solar eclipse, as well as the client`s birthday is not favourable time for the fortune-telling, because the energy is in full swing around the client, that`s why there is a danger to see information like in the turbid water incorrectly or insufficiently. In addition, the fortune-telling is not worth, if the White card appears in the various spreads all day long. It means, that the situation is under the strong changes and it will be better to take up the question the next day or a little later.

 About the influence of fortune-teller and client. As the data basis for itself is an impassive phenomenon, only such person can search for information, who can read it or such one, who can catch the meaning after. That`s why the fortune-teller must set to work only then, when one is able to disconnect from personal troubles and emotional experiences and to be maximum “clear”, dispassionate to the cards reading. Regular practice of yoga and meditation is good for development of this ability, then reason and emotions learn to lapse into silence at once.

 Responsibility for the client also lies partly upon the fortune-teller – one must very accurate describe the distinguished situation in the cards spread. There is not guarantee yet, that client will correctly hear and understand all information. It would be recommended to the client to add nothing to informtation received during the performance.











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