OUR LYIFE STUDIO dream translator differs from the classical interpretation of dreams. We offer to examine and understand why people are dreaming about equal symbols but their meaning is different for everybody. You will be able to discover a story of dream’s colour, person’s element and exact hour when the dream has been seen.                                                                                           


For example, the red colour is a bad signal for zodiac signs of the water element – Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. However for signs of the fire element – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius – the red colour is a good signal which often is related to relatives. Astrological signs of the earth element – Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn – and of the air element – Gemini, Libra and Aquarius – much rarely have colourful dreams.

 Colours in a dream

 RED – a good colour for signs of the fire element and of the air element, it symbolizes something kindred. This is the colour of renascence and it can appear as blood, red flowers etc. It is a bad colour for signs of the earth element and of the water element; it can represent illness and squalor. It is bad for all zodiac signs to see a red meat in a dream.

 YELLOW, ORANGE, GOLDEN – these are uncommon colours in dreams and are extremely good for signs of the water and air element because they represent tidiness and support. However they represent lies or betrayal for earth signs and water signs.

 GREEN – it represents lies and loss for fire signs but it is a peace symbol for other signs. In some cases for water signs a green grass can symbolize the income and support. If a person representing a sign of the fire element goes on green grass it means money loss.

 BLUE (light / dark) – it is a symbol of loneliness for fire and air signs. It represents mystery and attraction for earth and water signs. If a person whose zodiac sign is of the water element sees blue colour in a dream it indicates that he should be aware of divulging a secret.

 VIOLET, CRIMSON, LILAC – one can see them rarely in a dream. These colours symbolize love for water and earth signs but it can mean a danger for signs of the air and fire element.

 WHITE, BLACK – white is a good colour for fire and air signs whereas the black colour is fine for water and earth signs. For example, for zodiac signs of the fire and air element white dog in a dream symbolizes a trusted friend, black dog represents a faithless friend. And it is vice versa for earth and water signs.




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